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Along the northern side of Padma River with six million people, Rajshahi was established as a district town in 1825. Rajshahi Pourashava was established in 1876, which is up graded as Rajshahi City Corporation in 1987. With the demand of time Medical College, University, Engineering University, Radio Centre, Airport and many other important establishment were founded in the city. As a result, in many ways importance of the city increased and the city had started to grow in an unplanned way. Therefore to ensure the city growth and development in a planned and sustainable way, Rajshahi Town Development Authority was established in October, 1976 by Ordinance no. 78.

Functions of RDA
  • Preparation of Master Plan and Landuse control by it
  • Preparation and execution of development scheme
  • Control of physical development including prevention of haphazard construction of buildings and excavation of tanks according to BC Act.
Compositions of the Authority

Rajshahi Development Authority has a tall Pyramid and bureaucratic organizational model to attain its functional goal. Chairman is acting as the head of the Organization and has power to take decisions on administrational and financial matters of RDA with the recommendation by a corporate body (Authority). Members of this corporate body or this Authority are: